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Sightseeing in Moscow  

Secret Soviet Military Bunkers in Moscow


There are two Soviet military bunkers now open to the public.  The first one, "Underground Command Post Tagansky" was built during the height of the Cold War and is located in the center of Moscow.  The second, Stalin's Bunker, was constructed at the beginning of the Second World War and is located on the outskirts near Izmailova market. If you have a choice between the two, I would definitely recommend the first, Tagansky.


Underground Command Post Tagansky

Built in 1951, this super-secret bunker served as the the command post, the main artery for communication for the Soviet Union in the event of a nuclear war.  It was built to withstand direct hits and insure that normal telecommunications in the worst case scenario.  You enter from a nonchalant building near the metro Taganskaya. It's so well disguised that I myself have passed by this building many times over a period five years prior to the opening and I never guessed that such a place existed. Upon entry you are issued an id with a picture of yourself in a gas mask.  This is just the beginning.  You pass by an incredible 6 ton concrete door which slide open to reveal a small set of stairs which go down. And down. And down further.  In all 22 flights.  (For those not wishing to walk, you can take the elevator). When you reach the bottom you are met by soldiers at a command post who run a Geiger counter over you to see if you are contaminated with radiation.  Luckily, I was not.


Essentially the bunker is a network of tunnels, in all over 7000 square meters. Most are small, but there are 4 large chambers which are 50% larger than the metro tunnels.  In one of the the chambers there is a film on the Cold War and the origins of the bunker.  The film is very well done.  In another, you can see the communications equipment used during the 1950's.  The bunker housed 2500 workers who would work in seven day shifts below ground. The bunker supplied everything they needed, including sleeping quarters, a canteen and bathing facilities.  There was also a stockpile of food in the event of a nuclear strike. 


The walk through the tunnels is simply breath-taking and you can get lost in your imagination of what it must have been like 50 years ago.  For those fans of Soviet history and the Cold War, this is a must see.


Address : 5th Kotelnicheskii side-street, 11

Phone : +7 (495) 500 05 54

Enlgish speaking operator : +7 (903) 000 92 33

Metro : Taganskaya

Map of how to find the bunker



Stalin's Bunker

I actually have not visited Stalin's bunker myself, so I won't attempt to elaborate.  Essentially this bunker was built by Stalin to use in the event Hitler succeeded in taking part of Moscow.  Since Hitler never did, the bunker was not really used.  I have been told that little of the furniture or decorations are actually original.  Apparently it is rather something impressive to look at, so if you happen to be in the Izmailovksy area, you might check it out.

Address : Sovietskaya ul, 80

Phone : +7 (495) 166-99-70

Metro : Patizanskaya or Izmailoskaya


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